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The Royal Stewart tartan is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II and is considered to be the most well-known and iconic of all Scottish tartans. It is predominantly red with white, blue, and green stripes. A kilt is a traditional garment worn by men in Scotland, typically made of wool in the Royal Stewart tartan pattern. It is worn around the waist and falls to the knee, and is typically paired with a jacket, waistcoat, and other traditional accessories. Royal Stewart Tartan kilt is made from around 5 yards of poly-viscose Acrylic wool and is very lighter than the traditional 8 yards version.

Scottish Royal Stewart Tartan Kilt has deep pleats sewn individually so that they stay sharp and look elegant. It has adjustable leather straps so it fits perfectly around your waist. Royal Stewart Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 1400 authentic tartans available.  We offer a huge selection of Plaid Kilts that will allow you to show off your Scottish heritage. Now you can enjoy your Kilts in beautiful designs & styles. 

Having kilt accessories can take a simple Tartan kilt  Outfit to the next level

Royal Stewart Tartan Ghillie shirt

Starting at  $50


A Ghillie shirt is a traditional Scottish garment worn by men. It is typically made of a lightweight, breathable fabric, such as cotton, and is worn tucked into a kilt. The Ghillie shirt is open at the front, with no buttons or closure, and typically has long, full sleeves that can be cuffed at the wrist. It is available in many tartan patterns, including the Royal Stewart tartan. The shirt has a collarless style, and it is often worn with a Ghillie brogue, a traditional Scottish shoe with no tongue and open lacing. Ghillie shirts are also worn by Scottish dancers in traditional Highland dances.


Royal Stewart Tartan Trew

Starting at  $49

Royal Stewart Tartan Trew present a smooth stuff at your body with classic fit and provide a good alternative of kilt for any formal event.

A Trews is a traditional Scottish garment worn by men that is similar in style to breeches or pants. They are typically worn with a kilt or other traditional Scottish garments. The Trews are made of woolen fabric, such as the Royal Stewart Tartan, and they are tight-fitting around the waist and hips, with a flare at the knee. They have a waistband and a fly-front, with buttons or a zipper for closure. They are worn with a belt, and traditionally worn with a kilt hose and a ghillie brogue shoe. Trews are considered a more formal alternative to kilts and are worn on formal events or ceremonies.


Royal Stewart Tartan Sporran

Starting at  $35

A Royal Stewart Tartan Sporran is a traditional pouch or purse worn with kilts and other Scottish attire, often made from leather or fur. It is worn at the front of the kilt.This sporran is made of Royal Stewart tartan, as many sporrans are made with tartan fabric. The Royal Stewart Tartan features red, blue, black color on white and yellow stripes.

                                  Royal Stewart Tartan Flashes

                                  Starting at  $15

Royal Stewart Tartan Flashes are a traditional Scottish accessory worn with kilts. They are worn as an alternative to the more formal kilt hose and attach to the top of the kilt hose or sock, held in place by garters. They are typically made from the Royal Stewart Tartan fabric and are worn to add a decorative touch to the kilt outfit and show clan affiliation. Flashes can be worn by both men and women, and are available in a variety of tartans and styles. The Royal Stewart Tartan flashes features red, black, and yellow dominant colors.

Royal Stewart Tartan Fly Plaid

Starting at  $30

The Royal Stewart Tartan Fly Plaid can be made with the red, black, and yellow dominant colors. The fly plaid is typically folded diagonally and fastened with a pin to match the colors of the tartan. It is similar to a regular plaid but smaller and worn on the shoulder.

Are you looking for the Perfect Royal Stewart Tartan accessories to complete your look?

If you want your kilt made by an experienced tailor, you have come to the right place. Scottish kilt store offer custom-made kilts that are tailored to fit you perfectly. We also have an extensive range of high-quality accessories to complete your look.

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