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The Clark Tartan can be completely made to measure in an effort to ensure the perfect fit every time. Input your fell measurement, tartan kilt length, hip size, and waist size before checkout. Deep midnight blues and black make up this mysterious and dark Clark  Tartan Kilt.

In Clan Tartan Kilt a dark blue makes up the majority of the kilt, and it features thick black lines that break up these blue chunks as they run both vertically and horizontally. Clark Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 1400 authentic tartans available .We have got you Kilt Tartan that is used to make different kinds of accessories for all your needs and offering you quality Clan Tartan Kilt at the lowest price.

Complete your Scottish Kilt ensemble with fashionable and stylish Kilt Accessories.

Clark Tartan Sporran

Starting at  $35

A Clark Tartan Sporran is a traditional Scottish pouch worn at the front of a kilt, made with the specific tartan pattern associated with the Clark clan This sporran typically features a combination of Blue, White, and Black Shades.. This would be a unique and traditional accessory for anyone with ties to the Clark clan or an interest in Scottish culture.

Clark Tartan Flashes

Starting at  $15

Clark Tartan Flashes are narrow strips of the clark clan tartan fabric that are worn around the top of the kilt hose (socks) and are held in place by garters. They are usually worn in conjunction with a its tartan kilt, waistcoat and tie. This sporran typically features a combination of blue, white, and black Shades.

Clark Tartan Fly Plaid

Starting at  $30

A Clark Tartan Fly Plaid is a traditional Scottish accessory worn with the kilt. A fly plaid is a large piece of tartan fabric that is worn over the shoulder and fastened at the front of the kilt with a brooch. This fly plaid is made from the clark clan tartan, which typically features a combination of fly plaid blue, white, and black shades.

Are you looking for the Perfect Clark Tartan accessories to complete your look?

If you want your kilt made by an experienced tailor, you have come to the right place. We offer custom-made Men’s Scottish kilt that is tailored to fit you perfectly. We also have an extensive range of high-quality accessories to complete your look.

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