Order Now! Hybrid Kilt With Detachable Pockets

Let reveal your hidden glow by Zipper Hybrid Kilt With Detachable Pockets. The classic design of tartan never goes out of style. It gives you an impressive look with a combination of old & modern outline of the kilt. That connects you with a high lander’s culture and gives you updated fashion sense. So, you get an opportunity to brings uniqueness to your appearance. This is the best way to reflects your personality. By making you to Feel trendy &  authentic with true self-expression. Besides these aspects, this kilt makes you highly comfortable during any sports activity and hard environment. So, you can wear it at any event and activity.

Features of Hybrid Kilt With Detachable Pockets

  • Made by 100% pure cotton. 
  • It has cargo Dispatched Pockets.
  • This kilt is sewn down  Knife Pleat to keep aligned. 
  • All Metallic hook & button are rust-free.
  • 2.25 inches Belt loop is available to strengthen front closure with a belt.
  • Shinning metallic buttons are used in front closure.
  • Beautiful metallic zip is using in front & pockets.

Material Quality

Material is a very essential element for a good product. So high quality material is used in this kilt manufacturing. That will definitely keep your satisfaction level high with pure, highly durable & reliable material.


Getting a smooth fit wardrobe is  very important in the era of modern fashion. So, we offer Zipper Hybrid Kilt With Detachable Pockets. That is entirely made to measure according to your waist and height. You can select the color & Tartan of your choice from available range of colors & Tartan.

Work Standards

We prefer quality of work & customer satisfaction over profit. We create high standards of work that make us unique & excellent in providing service to you. Our expert tailors make these kilts by hand. They ensure faultlessness of any kind in any inch of this kilt and sewn with a very smooth touch. As we have explained above that this is the real tailor-made kilt which is prepared by our efficient staff, so buy now and rock the world.

Preferable Offer

This amazing kilt is always available in new condition to our clients following the policy of love it or burn it. We also offer you 30 days money back guarantee.

Quality Check

Our skilled team checks the quality of kilt several time before shipping. So you will never get any used or faulty product. Moreover, We must ensure the Finest product at a very minimum price. That shouldn’t affect your purchasing capability. So buy your desired kilts and save your money.

We also offer many coupons for you and your friend & family to get discounts on different products. Let’s enjoy coupons with your beloved ones. 


Tartan Hybrid Kilt With Detachable Pockets is a shining example of the style and functionality that the right kilt can bring to your wardrobe.

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Verified Customer Reviews

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

The Kilt arrived very expeditiously and it is in very good quality.This is the second time i have bought from them and the accommodation has been excellent on both time.

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

fast international delivery, however it was custom made kilt and everything was as expected. quality products and service.

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

Nice quality for the price…very important thing that i like to give waist size AND measurement at the belly button level…. Glad I made the purchase!


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