Order Now! Deluxe Hybrid Kilt – Tartan Box Pleated

Walk-in for the Fashion, Stay in for the Style. Deluxe Hybrid kilt-Tartan Box Pleated discovers your hidden glow with its dashing design. With an impressive look, it connects you with highlander’s culture through its beautiful tartan patterns. With beautiful colour, it creates an appealing fashion sense. That creates a uniqueness to your appearances. It makes you feel trendy and authentic with true self-expression. Which makes it very attractive with a balance of comfort with luxury. So, you can wear it at any event with its cool look. That provides you the right attitude to go with the power of grace 

Features of Black With Deluxe Hybrid Kilt-Tartan Box Pleated

  • Made by 100% pure cotton.
  • It has stylish cargo Dispatched Pockets.
  • This kilt is sewn down  Knife Pleat to keep aligned. 
  • All Metallic hook & button are rust-free.
  • 2.5 inches wide belt loops are available.
  • Metallic buttons are used in snap closure.
  • It’s embroidered with Scottish Lion.

Material Quality

Only good material can produce good products. By following this policy, we use the best quality material in our product to gain your satisfaction at higher extent.


n the Modern Fashion era, Customized sizing has replaced the old standard sizing formula. Because you have to ensure smart fitting according to the shape of your body. Therefore, We offer Deluxe Hybrid Kilt-Tartan Box Pleat. That is entirely made to measure according to your waist and height. You can select any color and tartan from available range of colors and tartans.

Work Standards

Good work always reflects in your output. Our individual commitment to group effort creates high standards of work that makes us unique & excellent in providing service to you. In that way we successfully create the perfect kilt from stitching to quality of stuff. As we have explained above that this is the real tailor-made kilt which is prepared by our efficient staff, so buy now and rock the world.

Preferable Offer

Instead of focusing on the competition, we should focus on the customer. That’s why this amazing kilt is always available in new condition to our clients following the policy of love it or burn it.

Quality Check

We hired a highly skilled inspector to maintain high quality standards for these kilts. Moreover, We must ensure the Finest product at a very minimum price. That shouldn’t affect your purchasing capability. So buy your desired kilts and save your money.

We also offer many coupons for you and your friend & family to get discounts on different products. Let’s enjoy coupons with your beloved ones. 


How can you ever decide which one to buy? Well with the Tartan Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt, you don't have to choose at all!

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Verified Customer Reviews

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

I have used scottishkiltshop quite a few times and have never been disappointed The things I have ordered got in good quality and good value for money. I would recommended to anyone……

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

This was a gift for my friends’s birthday and he loved it and looks great in it! Very happy with it.

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

Having a query about an item i wished to buy, I sent an email and received an answer within the hour. My purchase arrived very quickly and received updates throughout transit. Great service!

5.0 rating
December 16, 2019

This is really good sporran and distribution is swift and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


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