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Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan History

The Lochaber Tartan is a classic Scottish tartan that has a long and rich history. It is believed to have originated in the Lochaber region of Scotland, and it was worn by the people of this region for centuries as a symbol of their heritage and identity. The Lochaber Tartan is known for its traditional colors, and for its distinctive plaid design. Today, the Lochaber Tartan is still a popular choice for those looking to show their connection to Scotland, and it is often seen at traditional Scottish events and gatherings.

Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan Pattern

The  Clan Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan is a traditional Scottish tartan pattern with a rich history dating back to the 18th century. This tartan is characterized by its intricate design, featuring a combination of blue, orange and white colors, creating a timeless and classic look. The Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan is an iconic symbol of Scottish heritage and is often worn during special events or as a symbol of pride.

Colors of Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan

The Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan features a bold and striking color combination of blue, orange, and white. The blue represents the lochs and sea of the Highlands, the orange symbolizes the warmth and strength of the sun, and the white represents the snow-capped peaks of the Scottish mountains. Together, these colors create a timeless, classic tartan pattern that is steeped in history and heritage.

Accessories Of Lochaber Old Ancient

The accessories of the Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan typically include a
sporran: A sporran is a traditional Scottish accessory worn with a kilt, made from leather or fur and is used to store personal items such as a wallet or phone. A Lochaber Old Ancient tartan sporran would typically feature the same colors and pattern as the kilt it is worn with.
Flashes: The Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan Flashes are a traditional accessory worn with a kilt. They are long pieces of tartan fabric that are fastened to the legs, usually just below the knee, using garters. The purpose of the flashes is to keep the hose (kilt socks) from sliding down the leg, and they add an extra pop of tartan color to the kilt outfit.
Fly Plaid: A Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan scarf is a type of scarf that is made with the Lochaber Old Ancient tartan pattern. The scarf usually features the blue, orange and white colors that are present in the Lochaber Old Ancient Tartan pattern. These scarfs can be made from various materials such as wool or a wool blend and can be worn as a traditional accessory with a kilt or as a decorative accessory.

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