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With the Lamont Modern Tartan Kilt, you are getting soft, misty, earthy colors that are subtle and beautiful, perfect for wearing on almost any occasion.  Running along the tartan in either direction are creamy white lines that help provide a bit of accent. This kilt features squares of dark midnight blue stripes which are surrounded by thinner, forest green stripes for accent.

Enjoy the perfectly sized kilt right out of the package by inputting your made-to-order measurements in the checkout area. Input your waist and hip size, fell measurement and kilt length along with the kind of hardware you want.  Lamont Tartan fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 200 authentic tartans available. We Offered a Tartan Fabrics at Best Price.

Complete your Scottish Kilt ensemble with fashionable and stylish Kilt Accessories.

Lamont Tartan Sporran

Starting at  $35

Here , we offer as Lamont tartan sporran .This sporran is ideal for any formal or informal occasion.  The Lamont Tartan sporran can be made to match your kilt. This sporran has a sport inside for you to store impotant items.

Lamont Tartan Flashes

Starting at  $15

Lamont Tartan Flashes are small piece of tartan, matching with kilts which provides finishing touch to your kilt due to its traditional background that connects you with highlander.

Lamont Tartan Fly Plaid

Starting at  $30

Lamont tartan Fly Plaid has same tartan as the matching kilt to create an authentic highland look to you. On other hand fly plaid is lightweight, standard size with high durability. 


With the Lamont Tartan Kilt, you are getting soft, misty, earthy colors that are subtle and beautiful, perfect for wearing on almost any occasion.

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5.0 rating
December 13, 2019

“I am delighted with my kilt purchased from Scottish kilt shop. The quality, size and price are well worth it. Would recommend highly.”

5.0 rating
December 13, 2019

I bought a tartan kilt for my son for his birthday. I was amazed at the great quality of the kilt and the reasonable price. I know he will love it!

5.0 rating
December 13, 2019

My husband and I ordered kilt and were pleasantly surprised to see that the quality for awesomely less price of all the kilts was as expected.Hopefully they will be fantastic for our event next month.

5.0 rating
December 13, 2019

It is well constructed and fits great. Really pleased with the custom sizing.


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