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Jackson Tartan History

The Jackson Tartan is a modern tartan that has no historical significance or connection to a specific clan or family. It is a contemporary design that is popular among those who admire the Scottish heritage and tradition. The Jackson Tartan is named after the Jackson family, who were among the first to adopt this design as their own. The Jackson Tartan is usually made up of earthy shades of green and brown, with red and blue accents, making it a versatile and attractive design.

Jackson Tartan Pattern

The Clan Jackson Tartan is a traditional Scottish plaid pattern featuring a unique combination of colors. It includes warm golden yellow, green, blue, white, and a bold shade of purple. The pattern is made up of criss-crossing horizontal and vertical lines that intersect at 90-degree angles, creating a distinctive grid-like design. The interlocking lines symbolize the close-knit bonds of the Jackson family and their connection to Scotland’s rich cultural heritage. The bold and bright colors make the Jackson Tartan a popular choice for those looking to show their Scottish pride through their clothing and accessories.

Colors of Jackson Tartan

The Jackson Tartan features a warm golden yellow color, green, blue, white and a bold shade of purple. The golden yellow represents the warmth and richness of Scotland’s history and heritage, while the green and blue represent the rolling hills and lochs of the Scottish landscape. The white symbolizes purity and the freshness of Scotland’s natural beauty, and the bold purple adds a touch of sophistication to the design. The combination of these colors creates a vibrant and eye-catching tartan pattern that is perfect for showing off your appreciation of Scottish heritage and tradition.

Accessories Of Jackson Tartan

The Jackson Tartan is a popular pattern that can be found on a variety of accessories, including:

Jackson Tartan flashes: Jackson Tartan flashes are small pieces of cloth that are attached to the hose (socks) and are used to complement the kilt outfit. These flashes come in the same tartan pattern as the kilt and can add a pop of color and style to the overall look. The Jackson Tartan flashes are typically made of the same high-quality materials as the kilt, and are an essential accessory for those who want to wear the kilt in a traditional manner.

Jackson Tartan fly plaid: A Jackson Tartan fly plaid is a larger piece of cloth that is worn over the shoulder and adds a dramatic touch to the traditional kilt outfit. It is similar to a shawl and is made from the same tartan pattern as the kilt. The fly plaid is an optional accessory but it is often used to complement the kilt and add an extra layer of style to the overall look. Worn in a formal or semi-formal setting, the Jackson Tartan fly plaid is a great way to showcase one’s heritage and cultural roots while adding a touch of elegance to any kilt ensemble.

Jackson Tartan sporran: A Jackson Tartan sporran is a traditional Scottish accessory that is worn with a kilt. It is a small pouch that is made of leather or fur and is attached to the front of the kilt using a chain or leather strap. The Jackson Tartan sporran is designed to match the Jackson Tartan pattern and features the same colors of gold, green, blue, white and purple. It serves as a functional accessory that can be used to carry small personal items, as well as adding a touch of tradition and elegance to any kilt outfit.

Unleash Your Inner Highlander with the Authentic Jackson Tartan Kilt from Scotland!

Kilt Scotland is a renowned Scottish clothing brand offering a wide range of traditional and modern Scottish kilts for men and women. The brand is well-known for its authentic and high-quality Scottish kilts, accessories, and other apparel.

One of the popular products offered by Kilt Scotland is the Jackson Tartan kilt. The Jackson Tartan kilt is a classic Scottish kilt made from 100% pure acrylic-wool, making it a durable and comfortable option for both formal and casual occasions.

The kilt features a beautiful red, green, and blue plaid pattern that represents the Jackson clan’s heritage. The kilt is available in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for all customers.

In addition to the kilt, Kilt Scotland also offers matching accessories such as jackets, sporrans, belts, and shoes to complete the traditional Scottish look. The brand also offers custom tailoring options for customers who want to create a unique kilt design.

Overall, Kilt Scotland’s Jackson Tartan kilt is a great option for those who want to embrace the Scottish culture and style. With high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, Kilt Scotland is a brand you can trust for all your Scottish clothing needs.

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