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Hamilton Green Hunting family descends from a Norman, Walter Fitz Gilbert of Hambledon, who appears in a charter to the monastery of Paisley around 1294. Whose lands were in Renfrewshire, and for support of Robert the Bruce, he was rewarded with lands in Lanarkshire and the Lothians. This Hamilton Clan Tartan is in light green, light blue and white colour that makes up the main components of this Kilt.

 It is created to your exact measurements and specifications and is both comfortable and stylish with its roomy pleat going down the side of the kilt which comes with Matching Sporran, Classic Fly plaid, Scottish Balmoral Hat or Premium Tartan Flashes that will add depth to your look. Hamilton Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 1400+ authentic tartans available. We offer a huge selection of tartan kilts that will allow you to show off your Scottish heritage. Now you can enjoy your Kilts in beautiful designs & styles. 

Complete your Scottish Kilt ensemble with fashionable and stylish Kilt Accessories.

Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Sporran

Starting at  $35

Here, The Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Sporran  is a specific pattern or design of tartan, which is a type of woven plaid fabric that is associated with Scotland. The specific colors and pattern of the tartan will vary depending on the kilt.

Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Flashes

Starting at  $15

Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Flashes are an accessory worn with traditional Scottish dress, worn with the kilt, specifically on the hose, or socks, typically worn just below the knee and are designed to hold the top of the hose up and keep them from falling down. This flashes are made of wool and polyester. They may vary on design, they can be plain or fringed.

Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Fly Plaid

Starting at  $30

This Hamilton Green Hunting Tartan Fly Plaid specifically would be a fly plaid in the hamilton green hunting tartan pattern. This plaid could be worn during formal occasions and events such as weddings, dances, and other traditional gatherings. Plaid is worn as an accessory to the traditional Scottish kilt outfit.

If You Convinced

If you want your kilt made by an experienced tailor, you have come to the right place. We offer custom-made Scottish kilts that are tailored to fit you perfectly. We also have an extensive range of high-quality accessories to complete your look.

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