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Chinese Scottish Tartan was originally created to signify the relationship that exists between Scotland and China. Inspiration for this tartan came from Madam Guo Guifang, who is a Chinese Consul General. It is one of the major tourist attractions for the Chinese who suggested the idea of creating a specific tartan for the Chinese people. This Chinese Kilt incorporates the colors of the Scottish delights, together with the red and yellow of the Chinese flag. These are interwoven with green bands to symbolize the great cooperation between Scottish and Chinese.

The Chinese kilt contains yellow color crosses the red color in five places which signifies the five stars of the Chinese Flag, the biggest and brightest being represented by the yellow cross in the middle of the red in Tartan. And this Chinese Scottish Tartan Kilt is made to measure, it will be crafted with the hip, waist, fell and length sizes that you specify according to your Height & Style. Chinese Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabrics consists of over 1400+ authentic tartans available. We offer a huge selection of kilts that will allow you to show off your Scottish heritage. Now you can enjoy your kilts in beautiful designs & styles. 

For kilt wearers, Accessories are must have in order to get the full traditional look.

Chinese Tartan Sporran

Starting at  $35

Chinese Tartan Sporran would likely be a traditional Scottish sporran, which is a type of purse worn with kilts, that features a Chinese tartan pattern. It is a patterned cloth made of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. 

Chinese Tartan Flashes

Starting at  $15

Chinese Tartan Flashes are beautiful garters with a small tartan strip that provides finishing touch to your kilt with its intense look. Moreover, this provides you with a strong grab over the cuff of the hose to prevent it from going down.

Chinese Tartan Fly Plaid

Starting at  $30

Chinese Tartan Fly Plaid is made in a tartan that matches kilt in such a way that it completes a kilt outfit beautifully. Traditionally it hangs down on the back of your jacket and kilt/trews by inserting through an epaulette.

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If you want your kilt made by an experienced tailor, you have come to the right place. We offer custom-made Scottish Kilts that are tailored to fit you perfectly. We also have an extensive range of high-quality accessories to complete your look.

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