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Burnett Tartan History

Clan Burnett is an armigerous clan which means that the clan, family or name is registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon, but does not currently have a chief recognised by the Lyon Court. It is much debated whether the name Burnett evolved from Burnard or Bernard or whether it was an individual surname in its own right. If you have been lucky enough to attend one of the Burnett Gatherings over the years you may well have visited Kemnay House. Characterised by beautiful twisting turretts this fine example of Scottish architecture is full of historical information and artefacts gathered by the Burnett’s and private tours can be arranged. The estate itself is testament to a tree loving Burnett, George, who planted quite a collection in the 18th century. The Burnett family is an illustrious Scottish family, with history going back to before the Norman Conquest, an ancient coat-of-arms and a record of many distinguished members in the church, in letters, in the law and in the military. The Coat of Arms of the Burnetts of Leys contains a Hunting Horn and three Holly Leaves.

Burnett Tartan

Burnett Tartan is suited for any event and occasion. This Tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool material and it has the features of dark red & green, brown colors with blue and yellow lines which will lighten up the tartan and give it a bit more balance. Our custom-made Burnett Outfit is sure to take you back in time to the glorious era of the Burnett Clan. From emphasizing greatly on the lining and keeping the fabric friendly for soft and sensitive skin, the tartan can ideally be worn by children, men, and women of all ages. Celebrate the spirit and history of the Burnett Clan with our Burnett Tartan. The Tartan represents Scottish culture and heritage. Made with the traditional crisscrosses, this tartan is the perfect gift for your loved ones. You can shop a variety of products made with this Tartan on our website. Burnett Tartan is a fun, Present-day pattern that can turn heads wherever you go.

Burnett Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. The Burnett Tartan Pattern makes your Tartan cloth much more elegant and decent. This tartan’s pattern makes your attire more decent & graceful. We offer quality Tartan kilts For Sale, jackets and other wardrobes in this beautiful Burnett Tartan Fabric.

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