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Scottish Black Watch Kilt  is a subtle, made from breathable acrylic wool,  understated kilt whose colors make it perfect for discreet nighttime wear. Because it is great for any occasion, this means it also looks striking with any number of tops you choose to wear it with. The Black Watch Tartan Kilt is composed of three colors  Stark black, navy blue and a deep forest green shade. These colors run alongside each other in traditional tartan style. On the side of the kilt is a striking knife pleat that delivers extra comfort and style to your look. 

Fastening this kilt onto your waist is as simple as employing the use of the handsome and adjustable black leather straps found on one side and completed with metal buckles that will never rust. Enjoy the ability to order the Black Watch Tartan Kilt to your exact liking right down to the finest detail. Your kilt is made to order after you have supplied your precise measurements. Black watch tartan fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. Tartan fabrics are usually made of wool. Our wide range of fabric consists of over 200 authentic tartans available. 

For kilt wearers, these accessories are must have in order to get the full traditional look.

Black Watch Deluxe Ghillie shirt 

Starting at  $50

Usually worn with kilts, this shirt gives a very casual look, coming in various colours, sizes and fits to match the kilt of choice. Deluxe Ghillie Shirt also often refers as Jacobean or Jacobite shirt. However, laces on it that are made of pure leather which is not machine friendly and had to be removed before a wash  This Traditional Scottish shirt can be found out in black, cream, white, green, and blue that matches kilts elegantly and is the favorite wearing of Scottish men since ages.

Black Watch Tartan Trews

Starting at  $49

When you want to represent your Scottish heritage but just aren’t feeling like wearing a kilt, you can enjoy the Custom Made Tartan Trews. This suit allows you to done your favorite tartan in the form of a suit jacket, tie and trousers. Choose from the dozens of different tartans that are made available to you, from family clan tartans to regional tartans and tartans that exist simply for fun and for style.

Video of the Black Watch Tartan Kilt

Black Watch Tartan Sporran

Starting at $19

Black Watch Tartan Sporran. This matching tartan sporran will stylishly finish off your kilt ensemble and can be made to match any tartan kilt you choose to pair with. It is a comfortable fit yet still can carry essentials such as your phone or your wallet.

Black Watch Tartan Flashes

Starting at

Black Watch Tartan Flashes:  Every full kilt needs flashes to complete the outfit, and there are multiple premium flashes for your perfect kilt. Each flash comes with a white elastic band for easy fit and no discomfort. They are available in a choice of colours and one size fits all.

Black Watch Classic Fly Plaid

Starting at $30

Black Watch Classic Fly Plaid: The classic fly plaid will be the finishing touch and sure to match your kilt.  It can be fitted with any brooch of your preference for added customization.


Black Watch Tartan Kilt is a subtle, made from breathable acrylic wool,  understated kilt whose colors make it perfect for discreet nighttime wear.

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Verified Customer Reviews

5.0 rating

I really love by 2 kilts I recently purchased from Scottish Kilts. They are comfortable, and fit me perfectly. I get many compliments when wearing them.

5.0 rating

We bought two kilts and one wedding outfit. The quality is gorgeous but we have to take both the kilts and the jacket to be completely redone after trying them on. We had a professional seamstress measure my fiancé and best man and both men had major issues woh the fit of their product. The most insulting part of it was the fact that they offered us 40% off a new one. No thanks. I would rather pay a seamstress and guarantee a good fit. Would not recommend this business to anyone.

5.0 rating

Fit is good snaps are loose and not holding tight. Was not aware produce was coming from Pakistan not sure I will order from your company again. I own five other kilts from various companies and yours has been the lowest quality so far. I hope the snaps hold though I do like the looks of it.

5.0 rating

My kilt arrived on time and was very well made and finished. I will buy another kilt from Scottish Kilt. I attended a Burning Man regional event and it was perfect for the occasion.


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