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Baxter Modern Tartan History

The Baxter Tartan was designed in the year of 1856.‘Baxter’, quite simply, is the Scottish form of the equally common English surname of ‘Baker’, but there is nothing common or mundane about the exploits and achievements of the generations of Baxters who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to Scotland’s colourful story. Very early records carry the name as ‘Pistor’, the Latin word for baker, but ‘Baxter’ actually derives from the Old English word ‘baecestre’, and the later Middle English word ‘bakstere’, meaning a baker. Variations of the name include Baxtar, Bacster, Baxstare, Baxstar, and Bakster, while Scottish Gaelic forms include MacBaxtar, MacBaxter, MacBhaxter and MacBacasdar. Originally an occupational surname, a family of Baxters are believed to have at one time served as bakers in the former royal residence at Forfar, but not all Baxters were necessarily bakers.The name is found throughout the length and breadth of Scotland, with a particular concentration in Fife, where it was first recorded in the early years of the thirteenth century when a Reginald Baxter witnessed a gift to the church at Wemyss.

Baxter Tartan

Baxter Modern Tartan is befitting for any event and occasion. This Tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool material and it has the features of green, red , brown, yellow, black lines with blue and white stripes going through it which will lighten up the tartan and give it a bit more balance. Our custom-made Baxter Modern Tartan Outfit is sure to take you back in time to the glorious era of the Scottish Baxter Modern Clan. Even today, their spectacular past legacies can be worn and felt. To make the experience even grand, we take care of most minute and tiny details when fashioning this unique Baxter Modern Tartan. Suitable for all occasions and ideal for people of all ages, feel the spirit of the Baxter Modern clan in this tartan. Baxter Modern Tartan is a fun, Present-day pattern that can turn heads wherever you go.

Baxter Modern Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. The Baxter Modern Tartan Pattern makes your Tartan cloth much more elegant and decent. This tartan’s pattern makes your attire more decent & graceful. We offer quality Kilts For Sale, jackets and other wardrobes in this beautiful Baxter Modern Tartan Fabric.

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