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Arbuthnot Tartan History

The lands of Arbuthnot are believed to have come into the possession of the Swinton family during the reign of William I of Scotland. The first recorded instance of the family acquiring the name Arbuthnot is in 1355 with Philip de Arbuthnot described as ‘of that ilk’. This Tartan was registered with Lord Lyon in 1962. The current chief is Keith Arbuthnot, 17th Viscount of Arbuthnot. More than 35 generations of Arbuthnot have inhabited Arbuthnot House and there is a charter dating back to 16th May 1542 granting the lands and barony of Arbuthnot to Robert Arbuthnot and his heirs. The House and gardens are open today for tours by appointment if you wish to visit and explore the history. The archives at Aberdeen University also hold early family correspondence which can be viewed by appointment, including a summons from James, Earl of Arran and Governor of Scotland to rally against the English army.


Arbuthnot Tartan

Arbuthnot Tartan is befitting for any event and occasion. This Tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool material and it has the features of blue, green, black with white lines going through it which will lighten up the tartan and give it a bit more balance. The Arbuthnot Tartan Outfit is guaranteed to take you back to Arbuthnot roots, where they never bent down in front of atrocities. To make the experience even grand, we take care of most minute and tiny details when fashioning this unique Arbuthnot Tartan. Suitable for all occasions and ideal for people of all ages, feel the spirit of the Arbuthnot clan in this tartan. Arbuthnot Tartan is a fun, Present-day pattern that can turn heads wherever you go.

Arbuthnot Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. The Arbuthnot Tartan Pattern makes your Tartan cloth much more elegant and decent. This tartan’s pattern makes your attire more decent & graceful. Now you can enjoy your Scottish Kilts For Sale, jackets and other wardrobes by this beautiful Arbuthnot Tartan Fabric.

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