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Adams Tartan History

The surname Adams was first found in many countries throughout England and Scotland. “Six centuries ago Adam probably ranked as second or third favorite among boys’ names throughout England. In the north it attained a most remarkable pre-eminence.” The name Adam typically indicates ‘son of Adam’, Adamson and its equally popular and almost interchangeable spelling variations is a name that stretches back to the Biblical Book of Genesis and the Hebrew word ‘adama’, meaning ‘red earth’. Common forms of the name today include Adam, Adams and Addams, while its Scottish-Gaelic forms are found in MacAdam and McAdam.Early forms of the name that are now largely redundant include Adamsone, and it is in this form that the name appears in the Scottish historical record in 1296 when a Sir John Adamsone is recorded in Berwickshire, in the Borders. Not confined today to any particular area of Scotland, it also has a wide geographical distribution throughout the rest of the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Going back through the dim mists of time to Scotland, a Colin Adamson is recorded as Provost of Aberdeen in 1340, While also from earliest times bearers of the name enjoyed a close kinship with two illustrious clans.

Adams Tartan

Adams Clan Tartan is befitting for any event and occasion. This Tartan is usually made of Acrylic Wool material that is mainly green & blue in colors. Adams Clan Tartan pattern is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. The tartan color way displays dark bold tones.

Adams Clan Tartan Fabric is a woven cloth with colored threads, crossing at right angles. The Adams Tartan Pattern makes your Tartan Cloth much more elegant and decent. This tartan’s pattern makes your attire more decent & elegant. Now you can enjoy your tartan kilts for sale, jackets and other wardrobes by this beautiful Adams tartan fabric.

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